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Suits you! (Steve Bates)

Suits you!
Suits you!


Supplied with a fully explained routine and an instructional DVD to help you get to grips with this fantastic packet trick straight away!

Simple to learn, simple to perform, everything you need is supplied. And what’s more, the trick resets easily making it ideal for table hopping.

  • The effect

    The performer deals nine cards face down into three piles (three cards in each pile).
    The spectator is shown that each pile consists of three identical value cards of the same suit.
    The top card on each pile is turned over and placed in front of the pile they came from, one at a time, and at fingertips.
    The three face-up cards are then shuffled around so that each card is in front of a different pile—these are the ‘leaders’.

    Each pile is now turned over to show that all the cards have magically come back together and followed the leaders!

    Includes specially prepared Bicycle cards and full instructions. No fancy sleight of hand required. Learn fast from the included DVD.
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    Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
    Pdf instructions in French Pdf instructions in English