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Lessons in magic, Vol.3 (J. Tamariz) (Juan Tamariz)

Lessons in magic, Vol.3 (J. Tamariz)
Lessons in magic, Vol.3 (J. Tamariz)


Juan Tamariz is a one-of-a-kind performer. A household name in his native Spain , he is one of the most unique and talented performers ever to grace our art.
In the tradition of Vernon and Slydini he has blazed his own enchanted trail. His books on magic are required reading for any thinking student of magic. His repertoire is vast as well as legendary; he once performed for 74 weeks in a row on television. He is in constant demand and is often mobbed on the streets of Madrid by adoring fans.
He is one of thso especial performers that takes the spectators on a wonderful journey a magical journey through the heart as well as the mind.

Juan is the consummate performer. Armed with only a deck of cards he can entertain a small group or a packed auditorium for hours. He is hilariously funny, but at the same time he’ll fool you like you’ve never been fooled before. He is one of magic’s greatest thinkers, a master of misdirection and a magic philosophy, and he has never had a large body of material recorded... until now!

On this exclusive three-volume set of DVDs you will learn invaluable lessons in routining and construction, magical emotion, technique and presentation.

Volume 3:

  • The Centauros
    An enchanting tale of myth, magic, and the sea constructed to be a beautiful, musical and magical interlude.

  • Sticker
    A transposition between two red mates and two black mates that’s a real fooler. It looks impossible!

  • T.P.C. The Tamariz Perpendicular Control
    Learn Juan’s closely-guarded secret sleight. Using this ingenious utility sleight you can do many things including, undetectably controlling and palming cards. Then learn three awesome effects utilizing The Perpendicular: A Number, Cards to Pocket, and The Rising Card.

  • Doubly Ambitious
    An Ambitious Card routine with two selections! They repeatedly rise in tandem to the top of the deck; a truly unique and highly magical version of this classic effect.

  • 04 Aces
    Juan’s hilarious ace assembly wherein the spectator does all of the magic! A masterpiece of presentation!

    Language : English.

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