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DVD Wizard school vol.2 (A. Mayne) (Andrew Mayne)

DVD Wizard school vol.2 (A. Mayne)
DVD Wizard school vol.2 (A. Mayne)


Enter one more time in the world of strangeness and fantastic.

Thanks to Andrew Mayne learn how to make a floating potion, take photographs of spooky apparitions, hypnotize objects, produce cans of soda, read minds and much more…

All of the magic in wizard school uses household items and do not require special props.

Wizard school 2 also includes special interactive magic where Andrew will perform tricks with viewers at home: watch as he makes coins vanish in your own hands and helps you to perform an incredible card trick in your own living room!

  • Wizard Cola
  • Floating Potion
  • Hypno-Hank
  • Mummy Finger
  • Gremlin Eggs
  • Ghost Photos
  • Mind Reader
  • Impervious.

    Language: English, Time: 42 min.
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