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Cesaral Melting Point (Cesaral Magic) (Mariano Goni)

Cesaral Melting Point (Cesaral Magic)
Cesaral Melting Point (Cesaral Magic)


This is the result of an anxious mind, full of ideas and solutions. Magic is one of the most complex arts where a person can develop important aspects such as creativity, design, engineering, communication with the audience and a lot of other facets.

The magician gives a coin and a plate glass surface to be fully examined. The glass is then held by two spectators. The magician tries to open a magic window in the centre of the surface to magically cause the coin to pass through it and in a few seconds, it is done. The coin passes right through the solid piece of glass! At the end, everything can be examined again.
A bonus pack is offered with a trick called “Ghost Coin.” It can be found in the accompanying CD-ROM!


  • It can be done initially on an opaque surface, and finally the second time on a plate glass or transparent plastic surface so that everybody can “see” how it works!
  • Almost any surface can be used!
  • Extremely clean!
  • Easy method!
  • Can be done with many other coins and objects like candy!
  • No special ring is needed!
  • The technique can be used to perform other magic miracles!
  • Works for impromptu, close up, and even stage magic with bigger coins or objects!

    Cesaral Melting Point comes complete with a video link with instructions, demos, real performances, and possibilities, special gimmick and additional elements needed for the effect.

    Language : English
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    No Difficulty for this magic's trick
     Video instructions in English