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The Royal Road to Card Magic (Jean Hugard)

The Royal Road to Card Magic
The Royal Road to Card Magic


This book from Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue includes numerous instructions about sleights of hands, numerous tricks and routines... Learn about shuffles, glimpses, palming, forces, flourishes… Discover all the secrets revealed by this book and entertain people.


  • The overhand shuffle I.
  • The riffle shuffle.
  • Flourishes.
  • The glide.
  • The glimpse.
  • The key card.
  • The palm.
  • The backslip
  • The overhand shuffle II.
  • False shuffles and cuts.
  • The double lift and turnover.
  • The pass.
  • Miscellaneous flourishes.
  • The reverses.
  • The hindu shuffle and other controls.
  • The classic force.
  • Top and bottom changes.
  • Arrangements.
  • Routines.
  • Plateform tricks.
  • Index.

  • Numerous sleights of hand.
  • Numerous illustrations.
  • More than 100 tricks.
  • A bible in card magic.
  • For beginners as well as for professionals.

    Language : English. 302 illustrated pages Format : 14,5 x 22,3 cm.

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