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Encyclopedia of dove magic (Narian Chavez)

Encyclopedia of dove magic
Encyclopedia of dove magic


In this book Marian Chavez decribes in detail the dove magic.
With 153 pages and magnific illustrations and photos enter the magic world of doves. Learn how to take care of your doves, perform basic handlings and presents the most amazing tricks.
Moreover the famous Slydini, the known creator of numerous dove effects, co-wrote the last chapter.
A magnific book that will make you famous in the world of dove magic!

  • Care feeding and handling of doves.
  • Training is a two-way street.
  • The tinting of doves.
  • For assistant only.
  • Conditioning the audience.
  • Can I become that good?.
  • Pointers on presentation.
  • Take your audience with you.
  • How yo get applause.
  • Pete Bouton's birds of freedom.
  • Neil Foster's dove production.
  • E-Z's dove production.
  • The J.B. Dove production.
  • Hypnotizing the dove.
  • Displaying the doves.
  • Training the doves.
  • General dove effects.
  • Top hat magic.
  • The floating dove a la zombie.
  • Technicolor doves.
  • Carnival tissue to dove.
  • Dove tray production.
  • The dove triangle.
  • The dove in the net.
  • Egg to dove.
  • Hong Kong dove production.
  • Visible dove production box.
  • Production dove cage.
  • The Andre Kole dove kones.
  • See thru screen dove box.
  • Dove vanish a la paper bag.
  • Transistorized doves.
  • Frames of mystery.
  • Novel vanish and appearance of a dove from paper bag.
  • Twentieth century cane and dove.
  • magic with a silken dove holder.
  • Dove from tissue.
  • Portfolio.
  • Appendix 1 The magician's primer guide to dove: their care and handling.
  • Appendix 2 Slydini's master dove production.

    153 illustrated pages. English language.
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