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BICYCLE Lovision

BICYCLE Lovision


If the index sizes of jumbo index Bicycle decks aren’t enough, here is the larger size; even there isn’t enough room for figures.

Efficient in magics because of its very visual aspect, it’s not only a traditional card deck but also it can improve your card tricks and make them more amazing or funny.

Indeed, imagine you ask a spectator to choose a card, to loose it in the deck. Make the card go to the top, follow the routine and at the end, show the normal selected card, put it onto the table to give it to the spectator.

And when the spectator looks at it, he’ll see his selection but moreover the card index is larger.

A such impressive effect will stay in the audience mind for a while.

  • Very useful for elderly persons, partially sighted persons…

  • Available with blue or red backs.

  • Poker size (63 x 88 mm).

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    No Difficulty for this magic's trick
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