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Hollow - menny lindenfeld


You ask a spectator to select a card and to sign it. You shuffle the cards and then ask the spectator to loose his card in the deck. Once the deck is shuffled you find the selected card.

For the majority of the audience, the trick is finished. However you’re going to impress them as they have never been.

You keep the signed card and take a hole puncher. You perforate the card, and while your audience is puzzled you put your fingers on the hole and slide them on the card. When you remove the fingers from the card the audience can notice that you have moved the hole.

You can even improve the trick moving the hole one more time to another position on the card. At the end you move the hole out of the card and you vanish it.

Obviously the card can be examined.

  • Delivered with the gimmick Bicycle card and the hole puncher.
  • English documentation.
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    Difficulty of level 4 for this magic's trick
    Pdf instructions in French