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Origamagic Stage Version ( Zachary)

Origamagic Stage Version - zachary


You ask a spectator to choose a card in a deck that can be examined if desired. You loose the card in the deck and you give the card case for examination. You place the deck in the case and you put it apart. If desired, the spectator himself can place the deck in the case and keeps it during the whole routine.

Now it’s magic! You take a sheet and you fold it several times. You’re going to make a dozen of figures while telling a lovely history.

You’re going to present:

  • A crown
  • A duck
  • A fox
  • A hen
  • A boat
  • A bark
  • The polar star
  • A corsair cabin
  • The cabin switch
  • And at the end a magic box where there is the signed card!

    - Delivered with the special paper, a mini deck and the detailed routine.
    - The impact is stronger because the car dis signed by the spectator.
    - Easy to perform (no palmed card).
    - Figure size (for instance the hen): 25 cm.
    - Delivered with a DVD including the routine and the French, English and Spanish explanations.
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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick
    Pdf instructions in French Pdf instructions in Spanish Pdf instructions in English
     Video instructions in French
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