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Goshman super-soft 1,5'' Balls (Albert Goshman)

Goshman super-soft 1,5'' Balls
Goshman super-soft 1,5'' Balls


Box of 4 sponge balls Super-Soft GOSHMAN. Diameter: 3,75 cm (1,5 Inch)

For all the sponge ball or cup routines, apparitions, productions…

The sponge balls are made of special synthetic foam. They have been created by Albert Goshman.

They are SUPER-SOFT that is to said that the compression of each ball is maximal so they can be easily hidden in your hands.

You can use it for all kinds of routines, even in cup routines (instead of juggling balls) thanks to its handiness and to its easy compression.

  • Available colours: Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Pink.

    Petite Astuce :
    Si vous mouillez la balle en mousse, elle grandira jusqu’à atteindre environ 4,9 cm.
    Vous pouvez ainsi élaborer vos propres routines en se basant sur le changement de taille de la balle.
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    No Difficulty for this magic's trick
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