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Cube Sum (Gregorio Samà)

Cube Sum - gregorio sama


The performer shows six dice. Each die has six faces of different colors and each colored face has a different two digit number on it. While the performer has his back turned, a spectator throws the dice on the table, and then randomly turns some of them over so that all the colors on the top faces are all different. When then performer turns around in just a fraction of a second, he is able to calculate the total sum of all the six two digit numbers on the top faces. But that is not all, as the performer will also be able to calculate the total sum of the top faces of the dice even if they are partially, or totally hidden from his sight and even before the dice are thrown! Now for the best part… each time the effect is performed, the total will always be different from the previous ones and the dice can be freely examined by the spectators. • The dice are freely examinable. • Great both for close up and stage performances. • Immediately repeatable always with a different total. • Very detailed instructions are supplied that describe various routines. • With these dice you can perform precognition, clairvoyance and flash calculation effects.

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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
Pdf instructions in French Pdf instructions in English