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IMPOSSIBLE Levitation Impossible (Steve Fearson)



When you think of magicians that have blazed trails in close up levitation – you will hear the name Steve Fearson! Steve has a gift in being able to conceptualize, implement and perform some of the most incredible magic you will ever see. Steve is the definition of prolific and his latest miracle is fresh fruit from his fertile mind – Joe Stevens

ANYONE can do this and you can perform it just about anywhere… UP CLOSE… EVEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Now you can perform a truly impossible feat of levitation without complicated body hookups, without fumbling with reels and without fear of the object falling to the ground because your thread snapped. Impossible has never been so easy!

You will receive all necessary gimmicks and access to a comprehensive online instructional DVD. (Bonus alternate presentation ideas included.) You supply the bill and the glass.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick