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Flow Ring (Kinetic Spring Toy)



Tap it, and it "explodes" into what looks like a metallic soap bubble. Do it with your arm in the middle and it will roll and flow up and down. You can even join hands and pass it to friends.

The Flow Ring is a crazy fun kinetic object which enchants you to play with it and makes your insides giggle with delight. Magical is the only word we can think of to describe it, other than all these other words here. Get a Flow Ring, go outside, and just play.

- For Ages 8 and up.

- Pop it open and marvel in its mathematical awesomeness. Roll it down your arm, a pole, transfer to other people.

- Kinetic, fluid and awesome.

- Folds flat for easy transport.

- Handmade from a single stainless steel band and carefully balanced.

- Dimensions: approx. 13cm diameter when flat.

Not include instructions.

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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick