Podium pliable Spider (62 x 181 x 43 cm)



Rise and shine!

The Spider Stage allows you to carry your own stage wherever you are going. The design is absolutely "Spider like": Low weight, compact, few parts, easy to set up, no tools required. The individual elements of the Spider Stage are alle metal constructed.

Unpacking and unfolding the frame...

unfolidng the top can conecting to the frame.

The top is made of high-tech aluminum honeycomb composite. That makes the stage 35% lighter than a comparable plywood stage. It's very sturdy and holds a load up to 250Kg /sqm

Several elements can be connected with velcro connectors.

The edges of the top are velcro covered. You can easily attach a skirt to cover the rods (not included).

Sold with :

  • 1 folding frame (with bag)
  • 1folding top (with bag)
  • DVD with Video
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