Magic Pet

Magic Pet


Looking for a fun Christmas stocking stuffer or a small gift idea? Go for something totally unexpected but surprisingly fun – the Magic Pet.

This tiny, affordable toy is designed to sit inside a used plastic drink bottle. If you fill the bottle almost to the brim then close the cap tightly, you can control the mysterious creature inside using only the power of water pressure.

Give the bottle a squeeze to see your micro sea life toy plunge to the bottom of the bottle. Give a few squeezes in rapid succession and you can get your pet to spin around. There are several behaviors to discover so go ahead – give an unusual gift your friends won’t soon forget.

Curious kids and adults alike will want to discover all the secrets of the micro sea life toy.

Available in various colors and species, these pets will autonomously swim and float around in a bottle of water, providing minutes and minutes of entertainment (they aren't motorized).

The product actual weight: 0.014kg
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Difficulty of level 1 for this magic's trick