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Legacy (4 DVD's pack) (Finn Jon)

Legacy (4 DVD's pack) - finn jon


FINN JON IS A MASTER OF LEVITATION. No one knows more about levitating, animating or suspending objects in the air and in this DVD set he reveals all including his marvelous Floating Sphere and a gimmick he has kept secret for 50 years. Finn also explains the magic that has taken him around the world as a professional entertainer, everything from close up miracles to stage wonders. Masterpieces of illusion from one of magic's most inventive performers. DISC 1 | THE ACT LIVE SHOW FEATURING SMOKING FINGERS BUBBLE CIGAR FLOATING SPHERE DISC 2 | ANIMATIONS LIGHTNING BOLT SPINNING CARD FLOATING CORK ESOTERIC DISC 3 | CLOSE-UP CREATIONS MENTALISM CARD TO WALLET HEAVY WATER 3 BILLS REPEAT DISC 4 | STAGE SORCERY BUBBLES BALL MANIPULATIONS BOOMERANG CARD BRAINWAVE 2.O "My hero, my friend, my mentor." - Gaetan Bloom "He is the best of the best." - Yigal Mesika "The only floating ball that floats." - Ken Brooke 4 AMAZING DISCS 9 HOURS FULL OF ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECES SUBTITLED IN 5 LANGUAGES ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ESPAÑOL NORSK JAPANESE
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