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Money Prediction (Full Pack) (Adrian Carratala)

Money Prediction (Full Pack)
Money Prediction (Full Pack)
Money Prediction (Full Pack)
Money Prediction (Full Pack)


Walk on stage with a jar full of bills and you're sure to win your audience's attention.

The audience will be able to guess exactly how many bills are in the jar.

Money Prediction is a refreshingly fun and straightforward mentalism routine!


  • The jar is always in view of the audience, no one comes near and nothing goes in or out.
  • The audience is free to name the numbers they want.
  • The number is generated in real time.
  • The number you have created together appears on a paper folded in the pot.
  • The number can be printed with a block letter or handwritten with a marker.

Present this routine on stage for adults, in your children's magic shows or even via Zoom!

The whole audience participates and the effect is so powerful and clean that you can end your show with this killer routine.

Best of all, it's very easy to do; the kit includes everything you need to start performing it as soon as you receive the product. An explanatory video in Spanish with all the details is included.

You're thinking: do I need an assistant? If you have one, he or she can help you during the routine, but if you don't have one, you can also present it yourself, without help. The routine is exactly the same: you present it with or without an accomplice!

You can also use this system to show numbers, words, text and even pictures.

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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
 Video instructions in Spanish  Video instructions in English