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Stand and Deliver (2 DVDs) (Shaun McCree)

Stand and Deliver (2 DVDs) - shaun mccree


Rejoignez Shaun Mc Cree dans ce tout nouveau set de 2 DVD dans lequel il présente 11 de ses routines préférées, qu'il utilise toutes dans ses performances professionnelles.

Avec de superbes tours de magie avec des cartes et des pièces, voyez toute la magie réalisée lors d'un véritable événement d'entreprise et constatez les superbes réactions que suscite la magie ! La plupart des routines sont multi-phases et conviennent à tous ceux qui travaillent en close-up.

Vous y trouverez notamment l'incroyable "The Fix", une superbe routine dans laquelle une carte choisie librement disparaît de sous la main du spectateur pour réapparaître, morceau par morceau, sur une carte vierge ! Ce coffret de 2 DVD dure plus de trois heures et représente un excellent rapport qualité-prix.


Paper Money : Shaun's personal handling of the Pat Page/Fred Kaps classic which he's used for over twenty years as a tableside opener, designed to look like incredible sleight of hand, but easy as can be.

Everywhere & Aces :  Setting out to find cards which indicate the suit, colour, value and identity of a freely selected card, all four cards appear identical - and then become the four aces, the selection being in the magician's pocket - Shaun's approach to a couple of classic routines by Hofsinzer & Marlo which have become blended over years of performances into a real worker.

Daley Rainbow : Dr Daley's Cavorting Aces given the Technicolor treatment, with an astonishing colour changing deck climax - the perfect follow up effect to Everywhere & Aces.

Expert Away from the Card Table : Another multiphase strolling routine perfect for those times when you're asked if you can cheat at cards and there's no table for your poker deal demonstration - features a one palm handling of Travellers..... and even Erdnase lends a hand!
Phase 1 - Switching the Hand
Phase 2 - Controlling the Cards
Phase 3 - Palming the Cards

Norrin Radd (Coins Across) : The coins across routine Shaun has been closing his strolling set with for years - no laying down of coins, no hand to hand transfers and angle proof - true professional material.


The Fix : Designed for strolling conditions, this is a complete multiphase routine which combines plots by Hartman, Hofzinser, Elmsley and Schwartz to create a memorable self-resetting routine where a signed card transports itself from a spectators hands into the magician's hands a quarter at a time!

Chopped or Diced : An ungaffed chop cup style routine with a dice cup & dice, with a jumbo die and pool ball climax - easy and fun to perform.

Rainbow Poker : Created by Shaun as a schoolboy and used by him ever since, this is a powerful, useable packet trick - a packet of Jokers become printed one at a time into a royal flush - with a Technicolor back climax and room for a sponsor's logo - and all examinable at the conclusion too!

Global Aftershock : Coins of different size and value travel one at a time under a card, then vanish to reappear in the hand in a flash - starts and ends clean and uses a familiar gimmick in an unfamiliar way.....

Devil's Card :  When the Open Prediction plot meets a spooky tale of a gambler vs. the devil this is the result - a signed card vanishes from a folded paper to be found by the spectator under very clean conditions - perfect for parlour or board room style performances.

Odd One In:  Trade show performers will love this one - a jumbo monte routine in the vein of Sidewalk Shuffle or Joe Riding's Irish 3 Card Trick - but with a stunning odd back climax - ideal for featuring the sponsor's logo....

Biddle Grip Elmsley: Developed by Shaun more than thirty years ago as a way of avoiding grip changes between Elmsley and Hamman counts, this powerful tool is revealed here for the first time.


  • Durée du premier disque : environ 90 minutes
  • Durée du deuxième disque : environ 90 minutes
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Difficulté de niveau 3 pour ce tour de magie
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