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E-Z Strip John Haar invisible thread (Steve Fearson)

E-Z Strip John Haar invisible thread


We are the only distributor of the orignal AUTHENTIC John Haar E-Z Strip Invisible Thread. As the name suggests, it's easy to strip and work with. In fact we call this our worker's thread.. If you're a pitchman or do walk around work where you're required to reset many times per day, or if your routine demands that you repeatedly break the thread and reset... EZ-Strip is the thread for you. Strong enough to hold a playing card, dollar bill or cigarette easily, yet nearly IMPOSSIBLE to see! What makes this thread so invisible is a secret that has been lost for nearly 2 decades. This thread has been off the market for well over 15 years and is finally available again from the only authorized distributor, Steve Fearson. We currently have a limited supply of this very special thread. Don't miss this opportunity to snatch up a nice supply at a great price. You will receive a 25 foot length of unstripped thread, which contains over 40 individual strands.
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Difficulty of level 4 for this magic's trick

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