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The Books of Wonder Vol 1 (Tommy Wonder & Stephen (Tommy Wonder) 2

The Books of Wonder Vol 1 (Tommy Wonder & Stephen


Tommy Wonder est sans doute le magicien le plus respecté dans le monde de nos jours, largement reconnu comme un maître du close-up et de la scène, et l’un des experts du « Misdirection » .

Ce premier volume, contient des chapitres consacrés au close-up avec des cartes ou des pièces et une sélection de tours très originaux.

Vous y retrouverez à la fin, « The Ring, the Watch and the Wallet » un tour qui a bluffé bon nombre de novices et de magiciens.


Chapitre 1 : Attention-Getting Devices

Getting the Mis Out of Misdirection
Tough Customers

Chapitre 2 : Travel Tales of Mr. Pip

Magic Ranch
The Mind Movie
The Architect
Elizabeth III
Here and Not
The Pavlov Effect
Counting Cards, Unnatural Rythms and Other Problems
The Poltergeist Pack
Walk, Don’t Run
Carpenter’s Revenge
Rubik’s Card
Concerning Eye Contact
The Shrinking Card-case
Falling Pips
The Two-second Card Fold
The Card in the
All that Glitters
The Pip-eating Spider
The Origin of Originality
The Wonderreverse
Déjà ReVurse
Breath Control
Master of Servant?

Chapitre 3 : The Tamed Card

The Creative Process
The Tamed Card
The Kickoff
Card Forcing
Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Fictitious Danger
An Examination of Examinations
High and Low
The Family Three

Chapitre 4 : Presentations in Silver

Coins Across and Back with Interlude
Mud in Your Eye
When Tricks Become Transparent
Sweet and Sour Simplicity
Cigarette Through Quarter : a Handling
And Here I Have...
Counterfeiter’s Spellbound

Chapitre 5 : Group Encounters

Dare with in Inflatable Bunny
Rabbit Rouser
Practical Thinking
The Tobacco Exchange
Emotional Involvement
The Improved Hydrostatic Glass
Acting is Not Making Faces
The Paradox of Money ans Success
The Ring, the Watch and the Wallet
The Three Pillars

Epilogue : Ouroboros

Langue : anglaise – 326 pages illustrées.
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