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Hopping Half - 2 € and 50 cts € 3

Hopping Half - 2 € and 50 cts €


This trick will amaze a lot of audiences.

The magician shows one 2 € and a 50 cts € coins in his palm. He closes his fist, take the 50 cts € coin and introduces it in his pocket. The coin automatically returns in his hand!

He then takes the 2 € coin and puts it in his pocket. The coin also returns in his hand.

He repeat again the move with the 50 cts € coin and the same strange phenomenon occurs.

He take one more time the 2 € coin and when he opens his hand both coins have vanished!

  • Very visual effect, easy to perform.
  • Model 2 € - 50 cts €.
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