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Raventrick (Chuck Leach) 2



One of the most amazing accessories in coin magic.

A trick by Chuck Leach

The effect:
Place a coin in your hand, calling it a Magic Vanishing Coin.
"If I wave my hand over it...like this...it vanishes!"

You wave your hand over the coin and it visually vanishes.
Your hands are shown all around, the coin is gone!

There are no suspicious moves, or sleights.

Instead of vanishing a coin, you can make it change into another coin, or shrink to a tiny coin.
There are many other possibilities.

    Provided with:

  • The gimmick

  • A shim shell nickel

  • A mini nickel

  • A length of fishline

  • The Raven brake

  • Works with a heavy-duty elastic

  • More efficient than the Reel raven

  • Set up in 30’.

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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick

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