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Expert rope magic… Made easy Vol.1 (Daryl) ( Daryl) 2

Expert rope magic… Made easy Vol.1 (Daryl)


Daryl, world renowned and World Champion magician, teaches you a veritable Encyclopedia of rope magic!

Volume 1
This volume gives you a solid working knowledge on the basics of expert rope magic... Daryl teaches you some of the greatest “classics of rope magic” ever created.


  • Introduction
    - Types of Rope
    - Preventing the Ends from Fraying
  • Basic Knots
    - The Overhand Knot
    - The Slide-Off Knot
    - Construction of the Fake Knot
    - Basic Square Knot
    - Square Knot at Middle
    - Granny Knot
    - Quick Slip Knot
    - Slow-Motion Slip Knot
    - Tips on The Slow-Motion Slip Knot
    - The Fake Knot
  • Dissolving Knots
    - The Tony Lopilato Knot
    - The Pull-Away Knot
    - Chefalo's Vanishing Knot
    - Chefalo's Knot to Loop
    - Hunter Bow Knot
    - Combination Knot
    - Bang-O-Knot
    - Dissolving Double Knot
  • Grandmother's Necklace
    - Basic Grandmother's Necklace
    - Explanation of Grandmother's Necklace
    - The Cords of Phantasia
    - Ropes & Cups
    - Improved Grandmother's Necklace
    - The Great Coat Escape
    - Walking Through Ropes
  • With Wrists Tied
    - The Knot of Enchantment
    - Borrowed Ring Knotted onto Rope
    - Bracelet on Rope
    - New Bracelet on Rope
  • Do As I Do
    - The Nautical Puzzle
    - Spectacles to Monocles
    - The Gambler's Knot
    - Betcha Knot
    - The Hunter Knot
    - Neale's Knot
  • Flourish Knots
    - One Handed Knot
    - One-Handed Necktie Knot
    - One-Handed Figure Eight Knot
    - Nifty Knots
    - Vanishing Knot Flourish 1
    - Vanishing Knot Flourish 2
    - The Flip Knot
    - MGM Flip Knot I
    - MGM Flip Knot II
    - MGM Flip Knot III
    - The Fake Unknot
    - The William Tell Knot
    - Cut & Restored Rope
    - Floyd Thayer's Wizzo
    - Rope Saver

    Language : English.

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