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DVD World Class Manipulation Vol.3 (McBride) (Jeff Mc Bride) 1

DVD World Class Manipulation Vol.3 (McBride)


Jeff McBride is one of the greatest sleight-of-hand experts in the world. His extensive knowledge of manipulative magic is unparalleled. Jeff McBride's teaching style will help you to transcend your tricks and create a new form of magic theater.

Now McBride shares with the magic world, for the first time, many never before disclosed techniques of the master manipulators. Jeff leads you step by step through this fascinating world of "digital" effects, and gives you the tools you need to become your best. A lifetime of manipulative masterpieces is contained in this unique three volume series - World Class Manipulation including Essential Sleight of Hand Techniques for Coins, Balls, and Thimbles, volume 3..


  • Balls:
    - 2 &3 Ball Roll (Greg Webb)
    - 4 Ball Roll
    - Cardini's Ball Vanish
    - Romaine's Super Vanish
    - Retention Vanish
    - Swoger's Swoop Vanish
    - Swoop Color Change
    - The Interlock Ball Production
    - Ed Vorhees' Vanish
    - Garcia's Changeover
    - McBride's Changeover
    - Rooklyn's One-Handed Color Change
    - Gibson's Painting Change
    - The "V" Change
    - Advanced Ball Acquitments
    - A Four Ball Production Routine
    - Clips, Holders & Steals
    - Vesting Techniques
    - The 8 Ball Production
    - Homing Balls (Darwin)
    - McBride's Advanced 8 Ball Routine
    - Goal Setting & Competitions
    - Magical Intentions

  • Thimbles:
    - Thimble Rigger
    - Twinkle Vanish
    - Martineau's Thumb Transfer
    - Dexterity Exercises
    - Mogar's Explosion Move
    - An 8 Thimble Routine
    - Jumping Thimbles
    - Holders, Steals & Misdirection

  • Coins:
    - The Eclipse Production (Lancaster)
    - Interlock Coins (Kaufman)
    - Multiplicity (Kaufman)
    - Backpalming Coins
    - Split Fans with Coins
    - The Ultimate Roll Down
    - Tips on Tables & Props
    - Jumbo Coin Manipulation
    - Preparing the Coins
    - Jumbo Coin Steal
    - The Tenkai Palm
    - Ten Jumbo Coin Rollout Finale.

  • Super practice session :
    - Two- and three-ball roll
    - Four-ball roll
    - Cardini’s ball vanish
    - Interlock ball production
    - Garcia’s changeover
    - Ed Vorhees vanish
    - Rooklyn’s one handed change
    - Gibson’s painting change
    - V change
    - Advanced ball acquitments
    - Twinkle vanish
    - Martineau’s thumb transfer
    - Dexterity exercise, explosion move
    - Jumping thimbles
    - Eclipse production
    - Back palming, split fans
    - Ultimate rolldown

  • Special tips :
    - Blending manipulation
    - Setting goals
    - Magical intentions
    - Where to find more manipulations
    - Tips on tables and props
    - Passing on the gift of magic

    Time :80 min Language : English PAL Standard

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