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Cigarette thru coin – ½$ Two sides 2

Cigarette thru coin – ½$ Two sides


One of the most visual tricks.

You borrow a cigarette and you take your ½$ coin out from your pocket.

Now you take the cigarette and you place it in the central part of the coin.

The cigarette really pass thru the coin!
You remove the cigarette from the coin and you give it back to the spectator!!

  • The cigarette really pass through the central part of the coin!
  • The coin and the cigarette are shown to the audience for examination!

  • You can perform the trick with a lighted cigarette.

  • You can also perform the trick with a bill or a pencil.
  • A easier version with an improved effect, the coin can be shown on both sides all the trick long!

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    Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick


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