Balls to Square Mystery Plus

Balls to Square Mystery Plus


Two sponge balls are shown. The magician puts one in his pocket, and the other in a spectators hand. With a magical gesture, the ball in the magicians pocket disappears, and ends up in the surprised spectator’s hand, that now has two balls. The same effect is repeated for three times, in different ways. To end the routine, the magician puts three sponge balls in the spectators hand, and instantly they transform into a large sponge cube! • In this version the balls are softer than the standard version and a little bigger. In fact they measure mm 50 (2"), while the cube, bigger as well, measures mm 65 (2,6"). • The video shows the standard version of the balls and not this version. We have decided to present it again because the magician of the video is our beloved and unforgettable Salvatore.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
7.5 €6.75 Profit 10 %