DVD 'Mind Bender'

DVD 'Mind Bender'


Learn how to magically bend ordinary spoons!

Most magicians in the world know nothing about spoon bending magic. As a matter of fact, the few magicians that do perform magic spoon bends, are very limited to using complicated techniques and expensive spoon gimmicks, until now....

Professional magician, Chad Sanborn will share with you his famous spoon bending routine using an ordinary spoon ! As an added bonus, Chad will perform and teach his linking rubberbands routine and show you how to make coins vanish from one hand to the other....

The three effects featured are :

  • The Optical Bend : the spoon bending routine
  • The Master Link : Link regulard rubberbands together
  • The Holy Grail : Make coins vanish from hand to hand

    Language : english – multiregion DVD

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