50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip

50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip


The Thumb Tip is, as you probably know, the most popular secret device ever devised for conjuring purposes.
Thumb Tips are most frequently employed today in causing lighted cigarettes to vanish from the centers of handkerchiefs.
Unless specifically instructed otherwise, keep the Thumb Tip out of the audience’s view as much as possible. A well painted Tip will be unnoticed if your thumb is pointed directly toward the spectators, but don’t make a point of showing it unless it is necessary for the trick.


  • Introduction
  • Thumb Tip Magic
  • Burning a handkerchief
  • Making money
  • Ribbons from nowhere
  • Burning a napkin
  • Burning a tablecloth
  • Fire-Proof Thumb
  • Conjuring up candy
  • Living or dead
  • Cards controlled
  • Vanishing a dime
  • Indestructible match
  • Spirit rapping hand
  • Thumb tie with rubber bands
  • Chapman’s taped thumbs
  • Dollar in banana
  • Bill in soft roll
  • Bill in hard crust roll
  • Reimer’s ribbon cut
  • The severed string
  • Spirit knots
  • The mysterious cord
  • Cigarette to string
  • Silken dollars
  • Inflated money
  • Waterproof greenback
  • Waterproof variation
  • Burning a dollar
  • Spots that pass
  • Bill in nested envelope
  • Solid sugar
  • Silk switch
  • Quick change
  • Bank night
  • Annemann move
  • The vanishing card
  • The vanishing cigarette
  • Full size cigarette vanish
  • Flash tip
  • Silk production
  • Confetti to silk
  • Allen’s tie trick
  • A Tannen Tip
  • Knots untied
  • The cut restored
  • Bill in purse
  • Amazing prediction
  • Thumb stretching
  • Bill in shot glass
  • Bill in egg
  • Sealed envelope reading
  • Recommended tricks and books

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