Magic puzzles games with numbers

One of the most famous books in the field of recreational mathematics, this collection contains some 49 differents puzzles, plus a variety of other stunts based on the properties of numbers.
Under such names as The Lost Digits, The Three Acrobats, Psychic Bridge, Digitellus, Multipractice, A-Numgram, The Mystic Number 76923, A Detectrick, etc., Heath’s challenging problems offer hours of rewarding distraction for any math puzzle enthusiast. Over 35 pages are devoted to the ever-popular magic squares : easy methods for their construction, magic triangles, magic cubes, magic circles, honeycombs, and other material not easily available elsewhere. Finally, a number of miscellaneous chapters provide you with sure, easy techniques that almost anyone can apply to multiplying large numbers mentally, working out the age of friends, identifying unknown numbers, working out interest rates mentally, and determining the date of any day of any year.


  • Mathemagic
    Central KnowsYour Age
    The Robber and the Sheep
    Family Histrick
    The Lie Detector
    Arithmental Whoopee
    An Eventric
    I’m Telling You
    The Dime and the Penny
    Child’s Paly

  • Number symphonies
    A Symphony in Fractions
    The Mystic Number 76923
    The Magic Number 142857
    1089 and All That
    You’d Never Think It of 19 and 9109
    Some Pretty Arrangements
    All the Same Number

  • Easy ways to multiply

  • Arithmeticklish
    The Lost Digit
    The Coo-Coo Calculator
    Three in Sequence
    Birthdate Trick
    How to Make Millions
    Topsy Turvy

  • Sleight of mind
    Think of a Card
    An Amazing Memory Trick
    At a Glance
    Psychic Bridge
    Juggling the Time
    Always the Same Number
    A Detectrick
    Figure This Out

  • Magic squares

  • Appendigits
    The Magic Triangle
    The Magic Square on the Hypotenuse
    The Magic Lovers
    The Magic Gridiron
    The Magic Explosion
    The Magic Square of Squares
    The Complementary Magic Square of Squares
    The Magic Honeycomb
    The Magic Web
    The Magic Wheel
    The Magic Quintuplets
    The Three Acrobats
    The Magic Block

  • Method of determining the day of any date

  • A short-cut interest method

  • Raffles

    Language : english - Format : 13,5 x 20 cm – Illustrated - 44 pages.

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