Complete Card Magic (7 Dvd) (Gerry Griffin)

Complete Card Magic (7 Dvd)


Jump-start your magical journey into Complete Card Magic with these fourteen introductory mysteries. No matter you are beginner or expert.

Card expert Gerry Griffin takes you step-by-step through some amazing mysteries.

A unique serie characterized by its content!

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 1 :
  • The Betting Game : This fun effect fools them every time.

  • A Simple Card Revelation : Here's a little mystery with a big finish.

  • Eyes Are The Window to the Soul : Look into their eyes and find their card.

  • Pulse : Find a card while feeling their heartbeat.

  • 21 Card Trick : A contemporary classic using three rows of seven.

  • CRUNCH!! : Find a chosen card using your sense of bite.

  • Up to Her Old Tricks : The gypsy queen helps you find the selected card.

  • I'm Having a Spell : Spell out a random card to find a spectator's card.

  • Lie Detector : If they lie about their card, truth is, you'll find it.

  • What is He Talking About? : Name the wrong card, but show you were right.

  • Cowboys and Indians : This story will become one of your favorites.

  • Into the Future : You predict the cards that they randomly deal.

  • Sisters : Two queens mysteriously find their sisters.

  • Do as I Do : Two decks are exchanged until you both select the same card.
English DVD.

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 2 :
  • 21 Card Trick Outdone : A new spin on a contemporary classic.

  • The What? : A card instantly changes in a spectator's hand.

  • Further Than That : A multi-level mystery that is sure to impress.

  • Lie Detector II : A great follow-up to the original mystery.

  • Use Your Powers For Good : A mystery that tests a spectator's psychic powers.

  • Color Changing Deck : Find a blue card in a red deck, or is it a blue deck?

  • Time Travel : Go back in time and find cards where they started.

  • Invisible Cards : Name their card using an invisible deck. Incredible!

  • One the Easy Way, One the Hard Way : Two techniques for finding two selected cards.

  • Amazing Aces : The aces appear on the tops of four random piles.

  • X Marks the Spot : A lost card reappears on an imaginary 'X'.

  • Card Thru Hand : Riffle a card through your hand and into their hand.

  • Quicker than the Eye : Cards quickly switch places, right in their hands!

  • Two Card Challenge : Two cards selected, two cards found, but you'll still fool them.

English DVD.

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 3 :
  • The Ace Challenge : Four cuts all produce the ace of spaces, or do they?

  • Twisting the Aces : The aces appear, even the stubborn ace of spades.

  • Marked Deck : Your home-made deck looks normal, or does it?

  • Amazing Ace Thru Four : Turn these cards over, then change their color.

  • Back to Basics Poker : Five cards with no faces become a Royal Flush.

  • Magnetic Finger : Find cards, thru a hanky, with your magnetic finger.

  • Stabbed Coincidence : They stab their card right between matching cards.

  • Riffle Stop Poker : Riffle, flip, and twist the cards into a Royal Flush.

  • Acrobatic Aces : Aces jump piles, until one gets stuck in the middle.

  • Card Warp : Two cards folded together go thru a time warp.

  • Coney Island Caper : Hungry enough to eat a playing card hot dog?

  • Homing Card : Find their card in your pocket, not once, but twice.

  • Rub-away Cards : Rub cards into your pocket, right thru the fabric.

  • Triumph : Will you lose their card in the deck, or will you Triumph?
Dvd in english.

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 4 :
  • A Very Good Hand : Turn a hand of five blank aces into a Royal Flush!

  • Oil and Water : Jacks and aces magically separate like oil and water.

  • Chicago Opener : Their card turns blue in your red deck. Amazing!

  • Jacks or Better : Their chosen card jumps right between the Jacks.

  • The Sound of your Cards : Listen. Your cards tell you where their card is.

  • Simple Arithmetic : Two wrong cards can make the right one. Awesome!

  • The Ambitious Ace Thru Five : Five cards rise to the top with a powerful finish.

  • One Last Card : Their card is always in the last place you look.

  • You Ain't Going to Believe This : You lose their card, but it finds its way back.

  • Fancy Ace Cutting : Four crafty ways of finding your friends, the aces.

English DVD.

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 5 :
  • The Collector : Four Aces capture three selected cards in the deck.

  • The Man from New York : When you cut to the Aces, you unshuffle the deck.

  • Here, There, and Everywhere : If your cards are their cards, then where are yours

  • Gambler's Thumbs : Catch a card cheater by watching their thumbs.

  • Chameleon Card : A card changes color in their hand and in mid-air.

  • The Most Ambitious Card Mystery : Many ways to make their signed card rise to the top.

  • Gerry's Jumping Coin Trick : Add some flare with magical jumping coins.

  • Optical Illusion : Change Aces into Kings and back again. Incredible!

  • Computer Deck : Turn your deck into a hi-tech cardboard computer.

  • Real Magic : The amazing Aces outsmart the rest of the deck.

English DVD.

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 6 :
  • Forces : Do you want to know their card before they select it ? You will learn FOURTEEN ways to FORCE a card !

  • Marked Cards

  • 10 to 20 Force

  • The Glide Force

  • Gerry's Hindu Force

  • The Shuffle Force

  • The Toss Force

  • Touch a Card II

  • The Classic Force

  • Balducci Force

  • The Dribble Force

  • The Spread Force

  • Touch a Card Force

  • Under the Handkerchief...

  • Shuffles : When you mix the cards, you may also control them ! Here are SEVEN essential method of SHUFFLING !

  • Hindu Shuffle

  • The Riffle Shuffle

  • Push Thru Shuffle

  • The Zarrow Shuffle

  • Faro Shuffle

  • The Overhand Shuffle

  • One Handed Shuffle

  • Flourishes : Enhance your card magic by adding some eye candy. Add SIX card flourishes to your routine !

  • The Ribbon Spread

  • Closing a Fan

  • Hot Shot

  • The Pressure Fan

  • Table Fan Close

  • Card Spring

English DVD.

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 7 :
  • Cuts : Cutting the cards is more than dividing the deck. Ad flare and control with TEN famous CUTS !

  • The Octopus Cut

  • Gerry's One-Handed Cut

  • The Blind Swivel Cut

  • The Kick Cut

  • The Scissors Cut

  • The Charlier Cut

  • Erdnase False Cut

  • The Double Undercut

  • Double Undercut to the Table

  • Gerry's Undercut to the Table.

  • Sleights : Sleight of hand is the key to card magic success. Master these 21 SLEIGHTS and amaze everyone !

  • The Triple Lift

  • The Glide II

  • Transferring the Break

  • Rub-a-dub Vanish

  • Palming

  • Count

  • The Flustration Move

  • Elmsley Count

  • The Card Fold

  • The Biddle Move

  • The Glide

  • The Break

  • The Siva Count

  • The Revolve Change

  • Catching a Glimpse

  • Hammon Count

  • Flourish and a Pass

  • The Double Lift

  • Braue Reverse

  • Table Palm
English DVD.
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