Color Change Dove Frame Set (Jaehoon Lim)

Color Change Dove Frame Set


The picture of a dove in the black frame changes its color 3 times in a row. And as the last picture disappears the picture of the dove changes to a real dove. This is a considerably visual effective item that can catch applause from the audience. Included: Color Change Dove Frame. Gimmick(Including everything that you need to perform) Instruction DVD (An english explanation can be found in the video which you can follow easily.) J.H dove harness J.H dove wire Jaehoon Lim 2010 Grand prix winner of Japanese Special Tv Program 'God Hands 2' 2009 Champion of World Magic Seminar ASIA(UGM Convention) 2008 STAGE Grand Prix winner of FISM Asian championship of magic 2008 2nd Prize winner of BIMF(Busan International Magic Festival) 2006 Golden Award Winner, People's Choice Winner of Japan Cup International Close-up Magic Festival He perform on stage and TV show around the world. His dove act video has over 3 million views on YouTube.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick