Dvd 'Metal Bending' (Patrick Kuffs)

Dvd 'Metal Bending'


Patrik Kuffs close-up metal bending demonstrations, one of his specialties, are stunning and long remembered. With this DVD video, you will be able to amaze audiences incredible feats of psycho-kinesis. Indeed, Patrik will share with you his personal interpretation, shaped through years of under-fire performing experience, of the best techniques and approaches devised in the underground art of spoon bending.
His long time friend and performer Martin Carli, who has greater command of the english language than Patrik, helps to bring a greater clarity to his explanations, while also permitting patrik to further emphasize key aspects of metal bending, both technical and presentational in nature.

With Patrik guidance, you will first learn the different techniques, and ways to apply them in performance. This DVD contains all the basic material on the subject as well as hidden knowledge and subtles concepts that will totally astound yout spectators. As with all Camirand Academy products, we assume you know nothing about the subject, and so you get to learn everything.

If you are ready to make the move into the metal bending field you need this extraordinary learning tool.

Running time : 120 minutes.
Language : English.
Multi-region encoding.
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