Dvd 'Extreme Dice Stacking' ( Gerry)

Dvd 'Extreme Dice Stacking'


This is your chance to watch world champion dice stalker Gerry's amazing and innovative work, then learn how to do it yourself. Gerry has won many major awards for his extremely creative routining and entertaining performances. What he does looks absolutely impossible, until you know how.

First Gerry explains
  • The basics of dice stalking
  • The types of dice
  • Cups and surfaces ti use
  • How to make soda cans into dice cups
  • The proper method to stack
  • Hold a cup
  • Setup your rythm
  • Pick up dice
  • Keep dice in the cup
  • Manage final loads
and much more.

Then he shows you his advanced techniques incjuding :
  • The corrective sweep
  • Multiple pickups
  • Dice stealing methods
  • Loading dice
  • Remarkable multiple cup technique
  • Two-handing stacking
and other moves and dodges.

What makes this DVD stand out are the ùany routines and ideas that bring dice stacking into another dimension. You'll learn routines with sugar cubes, playing cards, anvelopes, toothpaste caps, pocket sized routines, multiple cup routines, mid-air routines and a stage routine using a trash can.

Throughout the program Gerry reveals dozens of tips, ideas and suggestions on how to become an expert dice stalker.

English DVD.

Multi-region encoding.
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