DVD Holy COW (Chef Tsao)



Have you ever heard the "Arming System by Chef Tsao"? In that DVD, some of the most challenging coin magic to date was presented, and Chef Tsao's arming technique amazed his audience as any other true magic did. Now, Chef Tsao is back! In his second DVD "Holy C.O.W.", more powerful weapons are added to the Arming System arsenal. Diverse yet easier techniques are included, and the routines are constructed entertainingly. Moreover, one of the best things is you can still perform totally impromptu. This is definitely a creative piece for the die-hard coin players. "It's a very exciting DVD. I got a lot of inspiration from it." -Ponta the Smith "HOLY COW!! Freaking Crazy Man!" -Hondo "Visually dazzling yet practical. Loyal fans and players of coin tricks, DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS MASTERPIECE!" -Nie Te Contents: Basic About Arming 3 Tricks Holy C.O.W. Change Holy C.O.W. Blur Holy C.O.W. Illustration 6 Routines Chef's Coin 2.0 Invisible Move Invisible Move 2.0 Invisible Hole Silver Centipede C.O.W. Spellbound Bonus Burst Bomb
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No Difficulty for this magic's trick