Noted 2.0 (DVD + Gimmick) (Gary Jones)

Noted 2.0 (DVD + Gimmick)


The scenario is as follows. You approach a group of people or an individual, holding a note pad. You then proceed to ask them if they are ready to place their order, if they say no, you then say something like, that's ok, how about a card trick instead. The notepad turns into a pack of cards right in front of their eyes. You can use this in any scenario, restaurants, corporate functions, bars, parties. It is limited to your own imagination. You can even write on the gimmick, so you can use it for example at the beginning of your invisible deck routine. You ask a spectator to name any card. You write it on the Noted gimmick. You then say I will find your card, but you need a deck of cards. You then make the note pad turn into a deck of cards and then go into your invisible deck routine. You can see that the possibilities with the Noted gimmick are endless. You are supplied with a universal gimmick that makes all this possible. No slight of hand needed Custom made gimmick supplied (Gimmick might not match what's in the video) You just supply your own deck. Comes with DVD with full explanations
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick