UFC (Ultimate Forcing Calculator) (Steve Fearson)

UFC (Ultimate Forcing Calculator)


This innocent looking calculator is the ultimate utility tool for any mentalist. It can be handled and displayed freely, even shown to work as a normal calculator. But when you hand it to a spectator to add, subtract, multiply or divide a series of numbers, it always outputs your predetermined selection. Your force number. You can program in any force number you desire. And you can even change that force number to a completely new and different force number with a SINGLE press of a button! This allow you to repeat the effect with a different number as the outcome. And you do it right under their noses! You can ask a spectator to create random numbers, adding or multiplying them. Or take a number from 4 different spectators secretly and ask a 5th to add them up using the calculator. The options are unlimited and of course they always arrive at the number you wanted... Your force number! Device is powered off when it's handed to the spectator! Electronics have been modified to prevent display of dirty work! Prop is perfect in every way. Will fool even those in the know! Based on an original John Cornelius concept. Unlike some previous versions of this prop, the inner electronics have actually been modified so there are no tell-tale clues displayed on the screen. Also unlike other versions, there are no markings around the keys that would indicate anything is out of order. Because of these details, we believe the UFC is the finest model of it's type ever produced. It truly is the ULTIMATE Forcing Calculator. The device can be cleared, the memory checked, it can even be turned off and on again. There is nothing for the spectator to find! This will quickly become your go-to prop for numeric forces of all kinds. Product may differ slightly cosmetically from the demo model in style or color. Routine ideas included.
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