Triple Vectra Elastic Invisible Thread (15 m) (Steve Fearson)

Triple Vectra Elastic Invisible Thread (15 m)


You asked for it, and we've got it! Vectra Elastic Mono is the finest, most invisible elastic monofilament available. If you took our EVE elastic and stripped it down to a single filament you'd have almost the same thing. But we've taken it one step further and dulled the fiber with a anti-reflective coating that makes it even more invisible. As a BONUS when you order today and you'll also receive access to the BRAND NEW Bandz™ tie video. The Bandz tie will enable you to tie bands quickly and securely using no additional props or devices. It makes it so easy you could do it blindfolded! Q. Is the Bandz™ tie the same method detailed on the EVE tutorial? A. No. The new tying method uses nothing but your hands, is easier, faster and ties a much better knot. It is the secret method we use to tie our own bands. Q. Is Vectra Elastic Mono just pre-stripped EVE? A. Yes and No. You get the same strength and thickness but it's even more invisible. When handled properly we've even had success with this fiber outdoors. Q. How many Bandz could I tie with this package? A. Each one uses about 12 inches of thread. So about 50. You will receive access to the Bandz™ Tie video and over 50 feet of Vectra Elastic Mono conviniently wrapped on a card to fit in your pocket!
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