Spypad (DVD + Gimmick) (Mark Elsdon)

Spypad (DVD + Gimmick)


Brilliantly designed to deliver a clear, full-view peek yet remain completely innocent in appearance. The SPYPAD is the all-new tool for modern mentalism developed specifically for under-fire use by one of the UK's top professional TV magic consultants. The SPYPAD's real ingenuity lies in the instant reset. You have someone write something down and tear out the page. You take the notepad back from them and put it away. With that, not only do you have your peek but the pad is now reset to go again! Nothing to remove, replace or erase. No magnets or chemicals. Just a clear view of whatever they've written down, delivered to you in the most natural of actions. This DVD includes no less than TEN professional ideas from top UK pro, Mark Elsdon, some of them shot 'in the trenches' so you'll actually see the pad in action. You'll also gain some invaluable insight into the general psychology of using an impression device - thoughts and tips from a top professional gleaned from over 15 years of using The SPYPAD. Note: INSTANT RE-SET - USE ANY REGULAR WRITING PEN OR PENCIL - FULL VIEW PEEK - IMPRESSION IS CORRECTLY ORIENTED - NO MAGNETS - NO CARBON PAPER - NO CHEMICALS THE SPYPAD REALLY IS A WORKERS DREAM! Included: Instructional DVD Special Notepad
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick