Six bill repeat with castle climax

Six bill repeat with castle climax


The magician clearly counts six 10 Dollar bills between his hands. He takes three and puts them on a tray, but when the bills in his hands are counted again, there are always six! This effect is repeated several times, always dropping the bills on the tray, until the magician is left with no more. For a great climax, to finish, a beautiful castle made with bills, suddenly appears on the tray!

• Perfect for any kind of stage or parlor performance.
• Very easy to do, so you can just concentrate on the presentation.
• Once open, the castle measures cm 53 (l) x 54,5 (h) x 6,5 (w) (20,8 x 21,4 x 2,5 inch). Closed it measures cm 56 (l) x 1 (h) x 15 (w) (22 x 0,4 x 5,9 inch).
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