The Haunted Doll (DVD + Gimmick) ( Rogue)

The Haunted Doll (DVD + Gimmick)


A mysterious, shadowy figure enters the room, and without saying a word, places a creepy wooden doll on his outstretched hand. Immediately, after the terrifying soundtrack has started in the background, the doll starts to eerily rise from his hand...after it has fully risen, the surrounding spectators pass their hands around the wooden figure to make sure there are no means of support, as it again creepily makes its descent.... and as one of the spectators goes to grab the doll from the stranger's hand, a scream is heard more deafening than the Bansee, sending shivers up everyone's spine & nearly gives the intruding audience member a heart-attack. Actually, you don't need to picture this... You can NOW be the mysterious stranger that freaks everyone out... REMEMBER... NO THREADS NO MAGNETS NO SLEIGHT-OF-HAND NO PREPARATION NO BULLSH*T A totally NEW upgrade of an underground classic! Includes over 1 Hour of in-depth handling alongside, Rogue, who has over 20 years of performance experience with the doll. "This effect has been in my repertoire and has never let me down. It Can be performed in any situation, Any venue, anytime, anywhere!" - Rogue Each Haunted Doll has been intricately hand-made to perfection according to Rogue's exact specifications so that it is streamlined for performance.
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Difficulty of level 1 for this magic's trick