DVD Cabaret Mindreading Vol.1 (Ted Lesley)

DVD Cabaret Mindreading Vol.1


For the first time ever on video, see Germany's legendary master of magic and mentalism, Ted lesley, mesmerize a studio audience with his "paramiracles".

Then, go behind the scenes and learn the real secrets as Ted, along with well-known magic consultant Charles Reynolds, explains everything you need to know in minute detail. This is the material that made Ted Lesley a legend in two arenas of the conjuring arts...and now it can be yours !


  • Ace Duet :
    A deck is freely shuffled a number of times by a spectator yet the aces are found - all without the performer even touch the deck.

  • The Spectator As Mindreader :
    A baffling effect that finds the spectator locating the card the performer merely thought of.

  • The working performer's card stab b:
    A card is signed on its back and shuffled into the pack. The cards are scattered face up as the performer thrusts a dagger through one - which is found to be the one previously selected and signed.

  • Tossed-out Deck :
    Wonderful touches on David Hoy's mentalism classic. Five spectators merely peek at a card yet the performer flawlessly names them all.

  • Black Magic III :
    A great bank night effect as a spectator successfully find a drawing place into an envelope and mixed with three others. Unfortunately, she manages to be out of the currency contained in the others !

  • Bookest :
    The performer divines a word freely selected from an ordinary paperback book. Even more amazingly, the performer then correctly indentifies a word the spectator draws out of thin air.

  • Pro-monition :
    A spectator is asked to think of a card, which is found to be the only one missing from the deck. The performer then has a spectator remove the selected card from his pocket.

  • Center tear :Great work on one of mentatlism's most powerful tools. Mastery of this technique will give you the ability to read minds any time, any place.

  • Teleportation :
    A page is selected from a book by a spectator while an empty envelope is given to another. On the performer's command, a piece of the selected page vanishes, and is found in the envelope. When compared, the piece fits exactly!

  • Decisions ! Decisions ! :
    A powerful version of the classic "stop !" trick. The performer selects a card and places it into an envelope. Cards are then dealt fairly from another deck until a s^pectator calls 'stop'. Though it is a completely fair choice, the designated card is found to match the one in the envelope !

  • Super Force :
    Through the performer's apparent mental powers, one spectator locates another spectator's chosen card under impossible conditions.

  • Bending Wine Glass :
    Forget spoons ! The performer causes a wine glass to visibly bend at the stem though he is nowhere near it. What's more, he also causes two other glasses to bend - while spectators are holding them.

    English DVD.

    Running time : 125 minutes.
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