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DVD Jumbo Card Manipulation (Cyril Harvey)

DVD Jumbo Card Manipulation - cyril harvey


From France comes F.I.S.M. award-winner Cyril HARVEY with this astonishing collection of ground-breaking Jumbo card manipulations for stage. Over fifteen Jumbo card techniques carefully explained step by step !
This DVD features the next generation of sleights and routines for manipulators, drawn directly from Cyril Harvey's F.I.S.M. act, in addition to material he regularly uses as one of the busiest stage performers and magic lecturers in Europe.

Some techniques :

  • Arm concealment
  • Fan steal and Throw fan
  • Splitting a fan in two
  • Two hands circular fan
  • One hand circular fan
  • S fan
  • Arm spread
  • Spinning cards
  • Series of fans production
  • Partial back palm card production
  • Tenkai palm card production
  • Partial back palm fan production
  • ... and more

    Plus : Cyril Harvey's original techniques with regular playing cards, many of which have never been released before! This is stage magic for the new millennium.

    Bonus : Cyril Harvey's 1991 F.I.S.M. award-winning Spinning Tops act.

    DVD Multizone
    Instant access to each technique, effect and explanation.
    Multi-Region Encoding, Dolby Digital Sound, Interactive Menus.
    English (voice-over byDavid Acer) / Français.
    106 minutes.

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    Difficulty of level 4 for this magic's trick