Rope, Nut & Knot (DVD + Gimmick) (Giovanni Livera)

Rope, Nut & Knot (DVD + Gimmick)


Shocking productions, incredibly visual penetrations, and a surprise ending that will knock their heads back! THEY WILL NOT SEE IT COMING AND THE REACTIONS PROVE IT! This is ROPE, NUT, & KNOT by Giovanni Livera. Golden Cups winner and celebrated motivational speaker Giovanni Livera takes you inside his inspiring world of magic to teach you one of his signature and most worked routines. You get the details on all aspects of props, practice and performance, including a handling for television all from one of magics' greatest innovators. Tie a knot and hang on! Your audiences are going to love ROPE, NUT & KNOT! Professional Props are included. You are all set to start learning a pure sleight-of-hand astonisher by a master teacher. With Gio teaching you-moment-by-moment, you will get the moves quickly. Wow your audiences with a real worker! "After I had my working act, I did not add another routine in 25 years...until I added Giovanni's Rope, Nut & Knot. My audiences and I love it!" - Bud Dietrich Trade Show Magician Legend
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