DVD The art of Card Manipulation.vol 1 J.Mc BRIDE (Jeff Mc Bride)

DVD The art of Card Manipulation.vol 1 J.Mc BRIDE


Jeff McBride's The Art of Card Manipulation showcases a modern day expert at his craft, teaching you how to perform pasteboard prestidigitation of a highly visual nature. This colorful, eye-catching collection of surprising magic, artful dodges and impressive flourishes has to be seen to be believed! In this three-part series, the video lecture format is utilized to its maximum potential, making it an excellent medium from which to learn this type of cardwork. This visual magic has novelty, flash and punch – all presented with style, charm and passion. Come face to face with an unmasked Mr McBride as he guides you through these classic card manipulations.

The audience appeal of this specialized branch of card conjuring is universal; it transcends all language barriers the effects are basic and easily understood, the plots (if any) are slim and uncluttered. This beautiful magic is a joy to watch. Jeff McBride puts it all at your fingertips!

Summary :

  • Basic Color Change
  • Thumb Fan and Closing a Fan
  • Pressure Fan
  • Charlier Cut
  • One Handed Fan – S Fan
  • Wink Change
  • Springing the Cards
  • Waterfull Shuffle
  • Cards from the Mouth
  • Blank Fan
  • Window Change
  • Ed Marlo Snap Change
  • Ken Brooke Single Production
  • Perfect Production
  • Snap Production
  • Back Palm Productions
  • Pivot
  • Le Paul Spread
  • Hip-Hop Pop-Out
  • Ribbon Spread and Turnover
  • Twin Peaks
  • D’Amico Multiple Shift
  • Steve Beam’s Auto-Magic Aces
  • Goldston’s Card Flower
  • Roy Benson Move.

English DVD.
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Difficulty of level 4 for this magic's trick