Dubious Domino Deluxe

Dubious Domino Deluxe


The performer shows a jumbo card that has 1 black dot on one side, and 4 black dots on the other. When the card is shown again, strangely it has 3 dots on one side and 6 on the other. The card is shown a few more times, and each time the number of dots on its sides changes. At the end the magician explains to the audience how the trick works, but as a surprise finish 8 black dots suddenly appear from nowhere filling the card completely! • Thanks to the clear photos in the instructions, the trick is very easy to learn. • The card measures cm 24 x 16 and the dots have a diameter of cm 3,7. The effect is consequently well visible even at a distance.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick