Bicycle Divine Deck

Bicycle Divine Deck


The Divine Playing Cards were designed using a mathematical pattern discovered in 1200 A.D. that seems to be the key to everything.
This mysterious diagram is hiding in plain sight everywhere: flowers, shells, waves of the sea, trees, in your fingers, in your ears, and even in the shape of the galaxies. Accordingly to science, this pattern might be a trademark that proves the existence of a creator. There is a special "easter egg" feature in the deck that will surprise your friends and guests during your card games. You'll be able to let them find out in a very unique way the answer to the "Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything else".

DIVINE Bicycle® Playing Cards Feature List:
- Limited Edition Finely Crafted Playing Cards
- Quality Bicycle® stock
- Printed with Refined Metallic inks
- 56 Elegantly Ornamented Cards
- Secret "code of life" reveal hidden in the deck
- Adorned with refined metallic inks
- 100% custom art from faces to pips
- Unique gaff card with multiple uses
- Each card wrapped in a new ultra slim performance coating
- Limited Edition with 1 time printing only
- Printed by the USPCC/Bicycle®

Printed at the United States Playing Card Company, the choice of professionals and casinos from all over the world. 127 years of tradition.

The deck features 100% original and custom art: faces, backs, court carts, box, and even the pips. Wrapped in Elegance.
13.7 billion years in the making... this is a masterpiece of a true designer.
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