Stabbed and Shot (DVD + Gimmick) (Bill Abbott)

Stabbed and Shot (DVD + Gimmick)


Direct from Bill Abbott's professional repertoire and showcased in his recent best selling book Table Magic, Stabbed and Shot is a killer card stab with a shot glass production that comes out of nowhere!

The Routine
A card is selected from a shuffled deck - signed - returned and shuffled by a spectator. An empty paper bag that is examined by the audience and the deck is tossed inside. A spectator is asked to shake the bag to mix the cards and make the finding of the chosen card even more impossible. A knife is produced and is stabbed into (and through!) the bag. Violently the knife is ripped from the bag and a single card is impaled on the end of the blade...the spectators signed selection!

Just when the audience applause has died down the performer reaches into the bag and produces a large shot glass filled to the brim with water! (Or other liquid.)

Stabbed & Shot Considerations:

Perform Stabbed & Shot in short sleeves.
Perform Stabbed & Shot close-up and surrounded.
Stabbed & Shot instantly resets. The shot glass production uses real liquid and is bulletproof and safe.
Stabbed & Shot can be performed on stage.
Reveal one or two cards at the point of a knife.
You can even borrow the bag, the knife and the deck!

Stabbed & Shot Package Includes:

Large Shot Glass
Durable Seal that you never need to replace.
Extra Secret Something for a sure-fire card stab revelation.
Supply your own knife.
A 90 minute DVD that features...
- A House Party Performance of the Stabbed & Shot routine.
- A Comedy Club Performance of the Stabbed & Shot routine.
- A Studio Performance of the Stabbed & Shot routine (in short sleeves).
- In-depth instruction of the routine and method.
- Multiple methods and controls, so spectators can shuffle the deck before and after a card is selected and signed.
- Several Alternative routines including: Cupid (the double stab for lovers), Borrowed (borrow the deck, bag, knife and shot glass!) and the Ninja Card Trick (classic!)
- And much more.
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