Vintage-Looking Coin Set (per 5) ( Card-Shark)

Vintage-Looking Coin Set (per 5)


Here they are, the perfect coins, fitting perfectly to the cards of the vintage series (this golden coin is also used for the effect "The Gypsy Curse"). Exclusively minted for Card-Shark.

Brass, new silver or copper coins, diameter 30 mm, weight 12 grams, specially minted to match the coin images on the Pentacle cards. As there is a coin vanish on the "Four of Pentacles" these are the perfect coins to let the coins reappear.

You will find two latin verses on the back surrounding a heraldic icon (that btw. matches the Joker cards of the Gypsy Deck): "Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur" and "Nec scire fas et omnia" which can be translated to: "The world wants to be fooled, so we fool them" and "You must not know everything". Set of 5 coins, perfect for any coin routine.
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No Difficulty for this magic's trick