The Gypsy Curse (DVD + Gimmick) ( Card-Shark)

The Gypsy Curse (DVD + Gimmick)


This is the perfect start into the Gypsy Deck series. Do you remember the "Gypsy Curse" by Peter Kane? This is one of the absolute classics of all Wild Card effects where you change a whole bunch of 9 of Spades into Kings of Diamonds! Only by the Gypsy Curse.

The routine from Tonny van Rhee goes further, the handling is even more convincing, a special moment is added when the old golden coin of the gypsy falls out of cards!

You get the whole Gypsy Curse set, containing the necessary gaffed cards, the golden coin of the gypsy, an old looking envelope and the routine by Tonny van Rhee on a DVD.
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