The Medieval Tarot Extension Set ( Card-Shark)

The Medieval Tarot Extension Set


Increase the possibilities of your Medieval Tarot. With this Extension Set you will get several possibilities for your bizarre effects or other inspiring and thrilling stories.

You will get 29 gaffed cards, which can be perfectly added to your Medieval Tarot. Cards are reprinted to perfectly match the new Medieval Tarot Deck.

Overview of the Medieval Tarot Extension Set:

The card "The Moon" has the opposite card "The Sun" printed on its back. The card "The Lovers" has the opposite card "The Devil" printed on its back. The face is unprinted (blank face) as if the chosen card has vanished. The face also shows a back (double back) which allows several well known handlings which use double backs. The magician holds nothing in his right hand. The magician holds the hourglass of the hermit in his hand. The devil touches the magician's shoulder from behind. The tapestry behind the magician shows the card "The Stars". The tapestry behind the magician shows the card "The Tower". The emperor has lost his head and the crown lies on the floor. The missing head is shown on the card "Six of Pentacles" and is placed on a tablet. The devil waits for the lovers behind the bush. Justice is stabbed from behind with her own sword. Time has run out in the hermit's hourglass. The hermit lost his hourglass. The back of "The Hanged Man" is "transparent", you can look through the scene from behind (i.e. backwards). The card is identical to the previous card, but this time the devil appears. In combination with card 15 and a double lift at the right time, the appearance of the devil will be a very strong effect. The flesh on the woman's legs is transparent and the bones are visible. The flesh on the woman's legs has vanished completely, death gains full power over the woman. The devil has vanished. This card is a perfect companion to all cards where the devil appears. Recommended trick idea: 2 Card Monte. The usually falling tower is completely undamaged. This card with a formerly very bad meaning gets a completely new twist and positive meaning. The man sitting next to the woman on the bed has left. Perhaps he went out for a smoke (while she waits desperately for him). The painter on the card "Seven of Chalices" paints the card "The Stars" (Good for a surprising revelation of a chosen card). The painter on the card "Seven of Chalices" paints the card "The Tower". The coin from the „Ace of Pentacles“ disappeared. The scientist on the „Three of Swords“ is stabbed by one of the three swords. The drawn circle is now blood red with a pentagram inside. The coins on the card "Four of Pentacles" vanish one by one. You can get perfectly matching golden coins from me at www.card-shark.de which show the same faces. What could be better to let coins disappear on a card and reappear in real?
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